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School of Business & Industry

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Faculty & Staff

Mr. Stan Newton

Department of Management and Marketing
Office Number: Merrill Building 109 MB
Office Phone: 256-782-8237
Email Address:

Office Hours:

Office hours: 9:00-10:00am TR, and by appointment.

Class Information:

MGT 301-02 Priniciples of Manangement

TR 2:30-4:00, MB Rm 219

Office hours: 9;00-10:00. fifteen minutes following class and by appointment.

Class Files:

MGT 301 HW Exp (doc)MGT 301-02 SG C1 (doc)MGT 301-02 SG C10 (doc)MGT 301-02 SG C11 (doc)MGT 301-02 SG C2 (doc)MGT 301-02 SG C3 (doc)MGT 301-02 SG C4 (doc)MGT 301-02 SG C5 (doc)MGT 301-02 SG C6 (doc)MGT 301-02 SG C7 (doc)MGT 301-02 SG C8 (doc)MGT 301-02 SG C9 (doc)MGT 301-02 Syl Spr 2017 (doc)SBI Student Code (rtf)

MGT 305-01, Organizational Behavior

TR 11:00-12:30 Spr 2018

Office hours: 9:00-10:00 TR, and by appointment

Class Files:

CCBA STUDENT CODE (rtf)MGT 305 HW Exp (doc)MGT 305-01 SG C1 (doc)MGt 305-01 SG C10 (doc)mGT 305-01 SG C11 (doc)MGT 305-01 SG C12 (doc)MGT 305-01 SG C2 (doc)MGT 305-01 SG C3 (doc)MGT 305-01 SG C4 (doc)MGT 305-01 SG C5 (doc)MGT 305-01 SG C6 (doc)MGT 305-01 SG C7 (doc)MGT 305-01 SG C8 (doc)MGT 305-01 SG C9 (doc)MGT 305-01 Syl (doc)

Principles of Management, MGT 301-01

TR 7:30-9:00am, rm 219 MB

Office hours: 9:00-10:00am TR, and by appointment TR

Class Files:

MGT 301 HW Exp (doc)MGT 301-01 SG C1 (doc)MGT 301-01 SG C10 (doc)MGT 301-01 SG C11 (doc)MGT 301-01 SG C2 (doc)MGT 301-01 SG C3 (doc)MGT 301-01 SG C4 (doc)MGT 301-01 SG C5 (doc)MGT 301-01 SG C6 (doc)MGT 301-01 SG C7 (doc)MGT 301-01 SG C8 (doc)MGT 301-01 SG C9 (doc)MGT 301-01 Syl Spr 18 (doc)SBI Student Code (rtf)
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