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Dr. Michael Marker

Department of Management and Marketing

Dr. Michael B. Marker is a Professor of Business Management in the Department of Management and Marketing (DOMM) in Jacksonville State Universtiy's (JSU) School of Business and Industry (SBI). Dr. Marker is Academically Qualified through the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business Business. Dr. Marker graduated from Jacksonville with a Bachelor of Science (BS) in General Business with a Minor in Economics (1969), and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) (1975). He graduated from the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa (UA) in 1984, earning a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) with a major field of study in Educational Leadership, Higher Education Administration and Planning; a minor Busiiness Administration, and a research proficiency in Network Analysis. Dr. Marker published his Dissertation titled "The Teaching of Ethics in Undergraduate Business Courses and Programs in Institutions of Higher Education in Alabama," 1984. Dr. Marker completed 6 courses (18 hours) of post-doctoral studies in the management of private and public organizations at the University of Alabama in Birmingham (UAB), 1988-1991. Dr. Marker has co-authored several articles in blind refereed educational and business journals, including: He has served on numerous departmental, college/school, university, and community committees, sub-comittees, and service organizations.

Office Hours:

Fall, 2018: 10:15 - 11:15 am, Tu, Th; Additional Hours by Appointment

Dr. Michael  Marker
Office: Merrill Building BLDG 1, RM 106
Phone: 256-782-5789
Email: mmarker@jsu.edu

Class Information:

CBA 115-001 AND 002 Fundamental and Orientation to Business, Spring 2018

Section 001: Tu Th 09:15 am, Section 002: 12:45-02:15 pm

Class Files:

SYLLABUS Sec 001 (doc)SYLLABUS Sec-001 (doc)

CBA 115-001 and CBA 115-002: Fundamentals and Orientation to Business, Fall, 2018

Sec 001: 11:00am-12:30pm, Sec 002: 12:45-02:45pm

Class Files:


CBA 115-001 and CBA 15-002, Business Fundamentals/Orientation Fall 2017,

Section 001, MWF, 08:45-09:45 am, Section 002, MWF 10:00-11:00 am

CBA is a  required course for Jacksonville State Universiaty (JSU), School of Business and Industry (SBI) pre-business students and is a JSU general elective for undecided or undeclared major students.  The class provides an orientation to SBI pre-business students in oirder to help familiarize them with the general universtiy core, pre-business core, and major course requirements of the SB.  The course also helps familiarize the students with the general fundamentalls and functions involved in the real-llfe business world.

Class Files:

Chapter 1 PowerPoint Slides (pptx)Chapter 10 PowerPoint Slides (pptx)Chapter 11 PowerPoint Slides (pptx)Chapter 12 PowerPoint Slides (pptx)Chapter 13 PowerPoint Slides (pptx)Chapter 14 PowerPoint Slides (pptx)Chapter 15 PowerPoint Slides (pptx)Chapter 16 PowerPoint Slides (pptx)Chapter 2 PowerPoint Slides (pptx)Chapter 3 PowerPoint Slides (pptx)Chapter 4 PowerPoint Slides (pptx)Chapter 5 PowerPoint Slides (pptx)Chapter 6 PowerPoint Slides (pptx)Chapter 7 PowerPoint Slides (pptx)Chapter 8 PowerPoint Slides (pptx)Chapter 9 PowerPoint Slides (pptx)SYLLABUS (doc)

CBA 115-001: Business Fundamentals and Orientation, Summer 2018

MTWTh, 09:45 AM - 11:45 pm

Class Files:


CBA115-001 and CBA 115-002 Business Fundamentals and Orientation, FALL 2016

Section 001: M W F 08:45-09:45am, Section 002: 10:00-11:00am

Class Files:

PPS-Chapter 01 (pptx)PPS-Chapter 02 (pptx)PPS-Chapter 03 (pptx)PPS-Chapter 04 (pptx)PPS-Chapter 05 (pptx)SYLLABUS-Section 001 (doc)SYLLABUS-Section 002 (doc)SYLLABUS-Section 003 (pptx)

MGT 301, Principles of Management

MTWTF, 10:15am-12::45pm

Class Files:

Class Notes Outline July4Week2017 (doc)SYLLABUS (doc)

MGT 301-002 Principles of Management, Fall 2014


Class Files:

301002NotesOutline.Fall14 (doc)301002Syllabus.F14 (doc)

MGT 301-002 Principles of Management, Spring 2015

T, TH. 2:30 - 4:00 pm

Class Files:

301NotesOutline.S15 (doc)301SYLLABUS.S15 (doc)

MGT 301-002 Principles of Management, Spring 2016

T Th, 14:30-16:00

Class Files:

Class Notes Outline (doc)Syllabus (doc)

MGT 301-002 Principles of Management, Summer 2015

MTWTh, 12:00-14:00

Class Files:


MGT 301-002, Principles of Management, Summer July 2016

SummerJuly4Week,2016, M Tu W Th F, 10:15am-12:45pm

Class Files:

Class Notes Outline (doc)Syllabus (doc)

MGT 301-002: Principles of Management Fall 2017

MWF 12:30-01:30 pm

Class Files:

301 Class Notes Outline, Fall 2017 (doc)301 Class Syllabus, Fall 2017 (doc)

MGT 301-002: Principles of Management, Fall 2015

MW, 16:30-18:00 :

Class Files:

Class Notes Outline (doc)

MGT 301-002: Principles of Management, Spring 2017

Spring 2017 Tu Th 14:30-1600 (02:30-04:00 pm)

Class Files:


MGT 420:Teams and Quality Management

Tu Th 14:40 - 16:00

Class Files:

420SYLL.S14 (doc)420TopicalOutline.S14 (doc)

MGT 491-001:Management Seminar, Fall 2014

M W 16:30-18:00

Class Files:

Notes (doc)SYLLABUS.F14 (doc)