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Dr. W. Mark Hearn
Department of Management

Semester:  Spring 2019 (01/08-04/26)
  SOBI Complex, Building 1, RM 108, 115 College Street, Jacksonville, AL  36265
Phone:  (256) 782 5756
Email:  mhearn@jsu.edu
Office Hours:  11:00-12:00  TT
Class during Spring 2019: 
CBA 350 01 Business Communications 9:15 - 10:45 RM 219 SOBI Complex Syllabus

CBA 350 02 Business Communications 12:45 - 2:15 RM 124 SOBI Complex Syllabus
BA 501 01 and 02 WWW Syllabus

Individual Presentation Material

The guidelines for the Individual Presentation vary to some extent depending on whether your taking the class online or in the classroom. While much of the material overlaps, there are differences. Make sure yours is formatted appropriately.  This section lists the differences.  When in doubt, ask. 

General Layout & Technical Issues for MS Word:
  • Font Type for Everything (including page numbers) - Times New Roman
  • Margins: 1" top, bottom, sides
  • Font size: Body of paper - 11 or 12. Headings - "Slightly Larger"
  • Paper should be written in third person
  • Page numbers.  No page number on the Memo of Transmittal, Page numbers start on the Introduction page and continue through the Appendix cover sheets.  Number the Appendix cover sheets as if they were back to back without pages in between.  Make sure the page numbers are set to Times New Roman

Binding for the Face to Face class only.
The paper needs to be bound with some type of semi-permanent method in the upper left corner i.e. a staple or spring clip. I have hundreds of the spring clips. You can come by the office before class and have one. You cannot ask me to put one on the project for you. You need to do this before class.

How Long is the Paper?  The required length of the body of the paper (INTRODUCTION through SUMMARY) is 1250 words. 

Oral Presentation Guidelines and Scoring (Much of this information applies to Online Presentation as well)

Submission format and program version differences: All submitted work must “work” on either my office machine or when applicable the classroom machine. At this time both systems are using Microsoft Word 2010 and Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 for the PC. Your task is to assure that your submissions “work” on my systems. Think of me as the customer. It doesn’t matter if it worked on your machine. It needs to work on mine. You should test your work on these systems. MAC users please be careful. Your predecessors have regularly had problems.

Plagiarism Check

Topics. Your topic has to be approved by me. At my request, you will have to provide a completed version of the presentation to me in advance. You can make things easier on yourself by selecting a topic that lends itself to voluminous, various, and virtual source material. In other words, lots of information on the subject, easy to find online, and numerous different sources. I request that you stick to documented sources. I request that you keep your opinion to a minimum. This is a referenced report. I request that you "do not preach to us". This is an informational report. Religion? Sure. Make it a history lesson. Not a recruitment session or a stomping exercise.

Content as advertised. The format guides should be used to guide you in your construction of the project. A problem develops when a student copies the example exactly without making changes that are appropriate for their report. For example, students have listed items in their Memo of Transmittal that were in the format guide but were not in their report (i.e. a reference page, figures, PowerPoints etc.). If you commit this type of misrepresentation of your work, the document is invalid. You will receive a "0" on that element of the report. If you list something as being in the report, it needs to be in the report.

Consistency is the Key. Make sure all your fonts throughout the Word document and the PowerPoint slides are "Times New Roman". Make sure all your headings are formatted in a consistent manner. If a heading level (i.e. top of the Table of Contents) is formatted a certain way, make sure all the other heading of similar type (Introduction, References) are set up in an identical manner.

Make sure all the page numbers are in Times New Roman. Centered at the bottom of the page.

As a general rule when presenting the information in your report, write in the third person: "The economy contracted in the third quarter" vs "I feel that the economy contracted in the third quarter". Its not about you. The subject of the verb needs to be the information.

When typing the semester for your class, i.e. "Fall 2011", capitalize the first letter in the semester.

Text in PowerPoint slide images and pictures, not a good idea. Seldom works. I recommend against it. Usually will result in a loss of points.

Before submitting any class projects, you need to make sure that they work. Sometimes projects may work on your computer, but not on others or mine. They need to work on a variety of machines and especially mine. 

Voice Track (mainly for On Line class submissions)

Voice tracks can be tricky. They will sometimes play on the machine on which they were recorded but not on others. One way to test this might be to send it to someone in the class and see if they can play it. 

The final product that you are pushing toward is a slide show that plays from beginning to end without the receiver taking any action after they start the show. You need the voice track to be embedded into the file.

You don't want the voice track saved in a separate file. The PowerPoint help tool does an excellent job of explaining the difference and how to achieve the desired result. Actually, all you have to do is go to Slide Show, click record narration, click OK, record the voice track advancing the slides as you go. When finished, click save.

The undesired result (linked, attached, etc) involves clicking additional boxes not less. If you record the show multiply times, make sure you uncheck the "use rehearsed timings" box before recording the next version. 

Caution.  One way to tell you may be doing it wrong.  If your file size jumps when you add the voice track from 3 mg without the voice to 9 mg with it.  You probably are not doing it right.

Voice Track Help. 
There is a significant amount of content on the web addressing the issue of adding a voice track to PowerPoint.  Google it and check it out.  While links come and go, here are a few that I found:

MS Office Help Adding Narration by MSVideo Help VersionAnother video version. Picture Help Version.

File Size Some of you are having trouble with file size issues or other technical issues. You should discuss these issues with JSU's Academic Computer Services or JSU's Distance Education. Some students have been having success with RapidShare.com, EmailLargeFile, and Zip files.  Good luck.  Ultimately, the responsibility for getting your work delivered on time is your responsibility. For larger class assignments, we will submit directly through Blackboard.

The basic requirements associated with this class can be done within the limits of the GEM system.  If you would like a demonstration, let me know.   GEM will reported handle a file around 8 megs.  The following collection of sample presentation files are around 7 megs.  Bigger is not necessarily better. 
If your working with PowerPoint 2010, you might want to examine the following links for tips on reducing the size of the file. Compressing PowerPoint 2010 Other ideas More ideas How about this

Submission format and program version differences:  All submitted work must “work” on either my office machine or when applicable the classroom machine.  At this time both systems are using Microsoft Word 2010 and Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 for the PC.  Your task is to assure that your submissions “work” on my systems.  Think of me as the customer.  It doesn’t matter if it worked on your machine.  It needs to work on mine.  You should test your work on these systems.  MAC users please be careful.  Your predecessors have regularly had problems.  


Saving as pdf: Sometimes I may request that you submit your work as a pdf file.  By doing so, you insure that the layout of the material is not altered by variations in program versions.  In Word, look for the pdf as an option after clicking Save As.  In PowerPoint, you must take one additional step to confirm "What" you are saving.  After selecting pdf from the Save As list, select "Options", "Publish What", make the appropriate choice from the drop down menu.

How Many Slides? As a minimum, you should have the following:  Title slide, Overview slide, 5-7 slides covering your main points on the topic, AutoShape slide, Graph slide, and a Summary slide.  This puts you from 10-12 slides.  This is a situation where more can be less.  More slides can mean more opportunities to make mistakes.  The example has more (17).  However, I suggest caution.  Twelve slides is sufficient for me to adequately assess you understanding of the assignment. 

Sample Presentation Package

Memo of Transmittal Face to Face class.  This example is for a Face to Face Class. 
Online class format is slightly different.  Memo of Transmittal Online class
General idea is the same for all classes. 
Things to notice: Times New Roman Font. Memo heading items are aligned on tabs. Sign your initials next to your name is submitting a paper version. This list must be accurate. Be careful. If you list an item and report it as having certain properties (i.e. animation, voice track), you will receive a zero on the Memo of Transmittal if those properties are not included as listed.  This is probably the most difficult item to get correct.  Be very careful about coping and this item from another source. 

Body of the Report Single spaced.  Modified block.  More spacing before headings than after headings.  Be consistent. 

Inserts. Two Inserted Figures are required. Your best bet is to make all your graphs, charts, inserts from scratch. Don't copy and paste someone else's work into your report or PowerPoint slides. You may reproduce a chart from another source. Make sure you properly cite the source. The problems of using some other source (cut and paste) are too numerous to list. They hardly every work in their original form. It can be done; but, you need to be especially careful. Look at Kati's slides 12-14. Fourteen is an original work from information she obtained. No problem. The information is cited in the report. Slides 12 and 13 are copied pictures. However, the legends are original work and they conform to the font type and size guidelines required for this project. If you copy a picture into the report, any fonts, text, images must conform to the same guidelines as any other slide i.e. Times New Roman, font size, try for 32 as a minimum.

Be careful with font colors. Make sure your fonts have a clear contrast with their background. If the version you turn in to me is in black and white. The colors and pictures in that version must work. It is not sufficient that they work on the screen or monitor. They have to work in the "print" copy that you turn into me.

Headings. Don't stack headings without a discussion between them. Introduce the group of items then discuss the items individually. The Main Heading would be an exception (March of Dimes followed by Table of Contents, Introduction, References).(See Kati's example p. 3):


Campaign Goals

The March of Dimes has set two main goals in their efforts to reduce the devastating and costly medical complications associated with premature births.

First goal. The first goal is to raise awareness about prematurity.They hope

References and the Hanging Indent. Times New Roman font. Main title is the title of your report. Secondary title is References.The reference page entries are single spaced within and double spaced between with a hanging indentation after the first line. Here are the entries without the hanging indent. Here is the look with the hanging indent. One way to get the effect is to enter the items like in the first file. Then, highlight all the entries by dragging over the top while holding down on the left mouse button. Right click. Paragraph. Indentation. Special. Hanging. OK.

You need to have a variety of references. My general guideline for undergraduate classes is eight or more different references. By different, They need to come from different sources. If you look at Kati's example, she has only one source, i.e. The March of Dimes. She would have received a "0" for her sources. You need a variety of perspectives for your sources. Getting all your information from one location is inappropriate. If your looking at an organization, include sources from within the organization, from outside, competitors, similar organizations, the industry in general, and so on.

The format for the references is APA (American Psychological Association). The format for the in-text parenthetical citations is also APA. Include the in-text citations need the material you are sourcing. When entering the references on the reference page, The first line is flush with the left margin, subsequent lines are indented. The entries are single spaced with double spacing between the entries.

Wikipedia should not be used as a primary source of information. By its on admission (Wikipedia, what it is and is not), Wikipedia due to its open nature can develop inaccurate information. You can still use Wikipedia to find valuable information. However, you need to track down the original source of the information used by Wikipedia instead of citing that source second hand (secondary citation). This goes for any source material. Go back to the original source material and use the original material not someone's interpretation of the original.

APA format. First line is on left margin. Subsequent lines are indented. Single space within references. Double space between. Entries are in alphabetical order. Sources should be original source not secondary citations (i.e. wikipedia). Go to the original source material and confirm the information.

Appendices Cover Pages Face to Face class only

PowerPoint Slides saved as a pdf file               

In PowerPoint, you must take one additional step to confirm "What" you are saving.  After selecting pdf from the Save As list, select "Options", "Publish What", make the appropriate choice from the drop down menu.  The NotePages do not need to be in Times New Roman. 

PowerPoint NotePages

Additional Sample PowerPoints that go with the Report
Some of the following files may not opening properly in Internet Explorer. There are a number of discussions on the subject on the web with proposed fixed. One fix is to save the file. The file extension may be changed during the saving process to a .zip file extension. After saving, rename the file extension to a ppsx file for PP 2007 and a pps file for 2003 pp. My advice is to open the links in either Google Chrome or Firefox and avoid the issue altogether.

Oral Introduction:  How to start the Presentation

Start with the subject of the presentation.  Something to bring the audience into the subject.  Hint as to your take on the subject.  Introduce yourself. 

Examples from the following:

Smart Phone Introduction.

As a busy person, you probably know the importance of staying a step ahead of your clients and competitors. You know the feeling of being tied to your desk so you do not miss that important email or phone call.

Did you know that thousands of businesspeople have discovered a newfound freedom from  using a PDA-style Smartphone? These Smartphones have allowed users to conduct their business as if they were always in their office.

Hello everyone.  My name is Nikki Davis and I am here to talk to you about how the use of smartphones has made communication more efficient everywhere in the world. I have been a smartphone user for six years and I am very glad to be here with you today discussing this extremely convenient breakthrough in technology.

I hope to effective in showing you why Smartphones have enabled so many business professionals to be more productive, while saving that huge resource we value so much, our time.

My March of Dimes Introduction

Having children was the farthest thing from Kim Presson’s mind, when she began volunteering for the March of Dimes. 

Later in life she became pregnant, and had no idea that the money she helped raise would one day save the life of her child. 

Hello everyone.

My name is Kati Richards and I am here to talk to you about the March of Dimes Organization.  I have been a volunteer for the March of Dimes for the past 3 years and am very glad to be here with you today.

 I hope to give you a better understanding of what this organization is about and why your help is needed.

PowerPoint Slides From the Sample Presentation

PowerPoint Slide Show with Voice Version 1. PP 2007

PowerPoint Slide Show with Narration (One of my students giving her presentation)

PowerPoint Slides saved as pdf of an excellent example using shaded text boxes.

PowerPoint Slide Show with excellent use of animation (Former student)