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Dr. W. Mark Hearn
Semester:  Summer 2019 (06/14/19-07/25/19)
  SOBI Complex, Building 1, RM 108, 115 College Street, Jacksonville, AL  36265
Phone:  (256) 782 5756
Email:  mhearn@jsu.edu
Office Hours:  By appointment
Class during Summer 2019: 
CBA 350 01 Business Communications WWW Sum I  Syllabus

CBA 350 02 Business Communications WWW Sum II Syllabus
BA 501 01 Organizational Communications WWW Sum II Syllabus


Plagiarism Check

Your Presentations will be checked for plagiarism by SafeAssign and / or Turnitin

The Plagiarism check is for the body of the paper (Introduction through the Summary). the program checks the words and is not interested in inserts or images. I recommend removing them. I would also remove the headings and in-text citations.  They do not matter.  This is a check to see if the sentences in the report are original in nature.  The required length of the body of the paper (INTRODUCTION through SUMMARY) is 1250 words.  If you submission is significantly below 1,250, you may be required to resubmit before receiving a grade on the exercise and/or proceeding with the presentation.

You must pass the plagiarism check (below 20%) before you can present in class and get a grade on the project.

Please check out the following information on preventing plagiarism

Excellent Resource for learning about plagiarism:  Check it out.

Citing Sources http://www.jsu. edu/library/ research/ citing_sources. html

Additional Plagiarism Information http://www.jsu. edu/library/ research/ plagiarism_ information. html

Copyright Information http://www.jsu. edu/library/ research/ copyright_ information. html

Example of the Safe Assign file ready to be submitted. This is the body of the paper without any type of inserts, figures, headings or in-text citations. The references have also been removed.